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Lampuga electric surfboards

Designed and produced in Germany, the electric surfboards from Lampuga offer fun and exciting experiences on water with the touch of a button. The powered surfboards are controlled using a hand-held remote control and are manoeuvred using weight transfer. The boards are easy-to-use and enable riders to experience the thrill of surfing, regardless of wind and waves.

Lampuga Air

Combining great performance, a practical design and by being exceptionally user-friendly, the Lampuga Air may be considered the ultimate water toy. The inflatable electric jetboard has a unique two-part design that demonstrate great balance, stability and control. In contrast to hard bodied boards, the air inside the board’s inflatable hull allows it to float when the rider’s weight is added to the board, enabling riders to stand, sit or lie on the board before accelerating. By being incredibly easy to use it offers thrilling fun for all riders, regardless of experience level, age or physique. Its hull is made of a robust drop-stitch material, which comes in several playful colours, is equipped with five handles and has a non-slip grip pad centre.

Lampuga Rescue

Combining speed and stability, the Lampuga Rescue board is the ultimate partner in coastal rescue operations. The inflatable board is designed for simple handling and can be controlled effortlessly. In case of emergency, a lifeguard can quickly get the board into the water and reach the person in danger in no time. The board’s inflatable hull, made of a robust drop-stich material, provides a reassuring floatable surface to persons in need while minimizing the risk of inflicting harm to water-bound persons. Due to its jet propulsion and its low draught, the board can be used in shallow waters with a depth of 50 cm. It is equipped with seven handles, has a non-slip grip pad centre and allows for transportation of safety equipment.

Tech facts


up to 50 km/h


14 horsepower


ca. 55 kg (battery approx. 27 kg)


up to 45 minutes


approx. 120 minutes


double layer PVC
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The electric surfboards are built to the highest safety standards, ensuring safe and fun experiences on water. The boards utilize a battery management system with short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, cell balancing, over- and undervoltage protection, temperature monitoring sensors and a reversible protective shutdown system, which prevents damage of the battery’s electronic components. The boards’ magnetic kill switch system is another important safety measure that ensures that the motor immediately turns off when the rider falls off.


Incorporated into the design of the Lampuga boards is a clever service concept that seeks to simplify service and repair processes. The service concept involves the centralization of the board’s technical components into one detachable part. In the event of a technical error, the board’s technology system can simply be removed from the board’s body to be sent in for service or repair, without having to transport the whole board.


All the powered surfboards are designed and produced in our serial production facility in Germany. The boards are built using high-quality components, ensuring the durability and reliability of the products. Utilizing lean-production principles, we achieve a high-volume output and offer exceptionally short lead times to our customers.


Being battery powered, the electric surfboards are completely emission free, refraining from additional air and water pollution. Being sustainable, the boards are often permitted in waters where traditional combustion engines are not permitted. The jetboards’ electric motor is additionally low-noise performing, keeping the noise level to a minimum.


Easy to assemble



Two-part design for easy transportation and storage. Designed to fit into limited spaces.

Plug & Play

Simple plug & play battery system for an effortless re-charge or a fast battery change.


Emission free electrical technology. Low operating costs.


Acceleration by hand. Control by shifting weight.