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Welcome to our watersports store in Malta

We are the ones with a passion for electric water sport devices. We believe in the power of creating memories, and enjoyable moments through watersports enhanced with advanced technology that you’ve never witnessed before. We believe in the power of making our quality of life better through fun and remarkable experiences. This is why we offer training courses, to those who wish to master the art of electric water sports, in addition we offer the renting and sale of electric jetboards, electric waterscooters and even electric aquajets. The pleasure of water sports and nature. The perfect balance to an everyday hectic life. After all we only live life once, so lets make it worth living!


Designed and produced in Germany, the electric surfboards offer fun and exciting experiences on water with the touch of a button.

  • Electric surfboard
  • Battery up to 45 minutes
  • Emission free electrical technology
  • Acceleration by hand
  • Control by shifting weight
  • Designed and produced in Germany
  • easy transportation and storage

Red Shark

Discover a new way to enjoy and practice cycling in a new environment such as water. Enjoy New Horizons with a new collection of water bikes.

  • Multifunctional water bike
  • Easy installation without tools
  • Easy to Transport
  • 3 different models
  • Extension options
  • Environment friendly
  • suitable from 8 to 88 years


A personal watercraft with replaceable, rechargeable batteries and innovative design – for maximum fun in the water.

  • Lifestyle aquajet
  • 4″ TFT colour display
  • App-based controls
  • 2 x 3.1 kW motors
  • Battry up to 60 minutes
  • Designed and produced in Germany
  • easy transportation and storage

Lampuga Surfboards